Official Website

The Official Website, As It Appeared On The 02/04/2011 (UK Date) Is The Official Site For TheReviewers4u. All Youtube Video Content Is Available On The Site, And It Sometimes Hosts Videos Nothing To Do With TheReviewers4u Such As The Oh, Hayabusa
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Slight "Product" Placement In This Pic. (15/05/11. UK Date)

Song (By Machinima) And Some Content By 397205air, (Stuff Like 5 Finger Fellet, Which Was Not Uploaded Onto The Official Youtube Channel) It Should Be Noted That At First, Was Hosting The Reviewerstwo Videos Before Moving Onto The TheReviewers4u Videos


Everytime A New Video Is Placed On The Channel A Different Background Is Placed As Well, Usually The Box Art For The Game, Or A Screenshot Of The Game.

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