thumb|300px|right|Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!The N00B Machinima Was A Machinima By TheReviewers4u. It Stared Robertman12345, And DJ GINGERman (397205air). It Is About Two Guys Being Relocated To Sword Base In Reach, However, Rob Says It Is Being Filmed With A Webcam, Which Gets Air Angry, Due To The Fact That His Gamertag Will Now Be Tarnished For Ever, And As Such Leaves, Rob Makes It To The Sword Base, Only To Find The Cliche Authority Figure, Who Tells Him That He Hasn't Been Relocated, He's Just Taking Part In The The New Matchmaking Program (Halo: Reach Matchmaking) Before Rob Leaves, Telling Him To Put On The Montage, As The Montage Is Near The End, He Gets A Killinmajro Before Getting Killed, Ending The Game Humoursly With Game Over Yeah!. Then The Final Credits Roll. After The Credits, We Find Air Is About To Get Recon For His Wonderful Map Saying I Love Bungie.
Noob Machinima

The N00B Machinima Title

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