Sanity Not Included Is A Funny Satrical Machinima By Dexterboy124 And GuitarmasterX7. Animation Is By Spazkidin3D. It Is Hosted On Youtube Under The Machinima Channel. It Includes Lots Of Swearing. It Shouldn't Be Seen By Anyone Under 0 Years Old. This Episode Is A April Fools Joke To The Fans. It Is Censored. Let's Have A Look At Some Of The Censoring. thumb|300px|right|WOOOOOOOOOOOO!


April Fools

To Quote Lyle "April Fools, You F**KING C*NTS

I'll Stay Loyal

I'll Stay Loyal


Comparison Of The Intro, And Yes, My Side-By-Side Thing Fails. As You Can See, Nina's T*T'S Have Been Censored

No One Fooled

No-one's Fooled

Captain Falcon!



Yeah... ... ...

Great Animation By Spazkidin3d

Great Animation By Spazkidin3D

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