Rose, Otherwise Known As R*****, Or On XBOX LIVE As S*********11, Is A Person From The Midlands. She Helped Make Crashes2Crashes, As The Main Bad Guy, Rose (Seriously, I Created The Script). She Is Also Beefy's Sister


As Stated Above, Rose Plays Rose, In Crashes2Crashes. The Main Bad Guy And Bus Driver.

Other Robertman12345 Machinima'sEdit

As Rose Has Recon Armor, She Plays The Guys In The Halo Reach Machinima Who Have Recon. She Pwns All

Production ComapanyEdit

Rose "Owns" SNAPPYROSE's Intro Movie Productions, Which Is Owned By 20th Century Fox. (This Is Just For Crashes2Crashes And Is No Way True.)

Snappyrose's intro movie


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