The Crashes2Crashes Teaser/Intro Starring Robertman12345, Beefy And (Uncredited In Intro) Rose. EPIC!!!!

The Video Was Nearly Audio Muted By WMG For Using A Unlicensed Song America - F**K Yeah (From Team America: World Police) The Video Stars The Main Characters: Rob, Brucie And Rachel. Rob And Brucie Are Two Undercover Cops Working To Take Down The Drug Lord And Bus Driver Rachel. It Should Be Noted That A Bus Rachel Was Driving Flips Over Randomly At A Certain Point In The Video.
No Idea

The Bus Fliping! No Idea What The F**K Just Happened


The Official Logo. Not Created In Sony Vegas Pro 8. It Was Sony Vegas Pro 10! LOL

thumb|300px|right|Ford GT's Are Cool

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